cherchez la femme

  • The Performance Garage 1515 Brandywine Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

cherchez la femme is a showcase presented by a cast of women featuring a main-stage dance performance as well as poetry reading, an art installation, and locally sourced refreshments.

The showcase achieves a landscaped array of movement and intention by the eclectic group of artists setting work. Fluid and introspective contemporary effortlessly transcends into dark theatrics, and feats of great athleticism.

Artists that will be represented include: Keila Cordova, Devon Lutz, Amy Saul-Zerby, Caroline O’Brien, Michelle MeGill, Candace Eaton, Krista Bacchieri, Julie Marinucci, Julia Hayward, Laura Baehr, Grace Gamble, and Loren McFalls.


January 30
fierce grrrls
February 13
cherchez la femme