Bathroom Remodel options in Philadelphia

Are you looking for remodeling your bathroom? Consider some of the best prospects in Philadelphia for improving the functionality, storage, and comfort of the toilet. Discuss with your interior designer, and they will implement the tips mentioned below flawlessly.

2-inch plumbing drain pipes

Sounds small, isn’t it? However, this has the potential of making a big difference in the overall functionality of the bathroom.

As you know, the conventional drain plumbing is no more than 1 or ½ in diameter. These pipes tend to clog quickly if you have a big family using the washroom. Interestingly, the 2-inch pipes are an inexpensive option, and it will improve the drainage quality in your bathroom.

Low-flow hidden tank

Another great option is to go to the toilets with hidden tanks. Precisely, water storage is mounted inside the wall. When you decide on renovating the bathroom, this design can save you a lot of space. Additionally, the low-flow models will save water whenever you flush. Without doubt, this small change can dramatically increase the value of your home after the remodeling work is over.

Small textured tiles on the shower floor

When you select a small textured shower tile with extra grouting, it ensures you will never slip once the floor gets wet and soapy. These new tiles are easy to maintain, and they resist mold growth, stains, and humidity successfully. Available in ceramic and porcelain, they also add to the style of your bathroom.

These are only a few tips that we have highlighted here. The interior designers in Philadelphia can suggest a plethora of innovative ideas for your bathroom remodeling project. As you can see, introducing such small changes can do wonders in making the bathroom efficient and functional without having to spend a fortune.